What CHA Means To Me

“My relationship with CHA is very special to me. This was where I went to middle and high school; it is where I find my church home,  where I met many life-long friend; and now it is my place of work. I have a decade worth of memories and stories that I will always cherish. I thank God for placing me here.

Where I first began my journey here, I was extremely shy. I lived inside my shell with no interest in leaving. Even within a small environment, I was timid. However, as I adjusted, my relationship with God grew and so did my friendships. Academically, I was previously below average. With the small class sizes and differentiated instruction, I bean understanding and asking more questions. Soon I was an A/B student!

The electives, school plays, and my involvement on student council widened my perspective and sharpened my communication skills and social insight. The Bible classes helped me grow spiritually and I even met my would-be husband in the youth group!

I was equipped for college and returned to CHA to start my career. I truly feel I would have gotten lost in public school and if I would have pursued home school, I would have missed the rich opportunities for connection and growth here at CHA. This school will always hold a special place in my heart and forever be part of my life story”

by Becca Jalbert


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